Our Toolset

We have the equipment and space to move your project swiftly from prototype to assembly-ready.

Our Soldering Stations

facility and electronics toolset

Our 10,000 sq. ft. facility in Carlsbad CA includes a conference room, offices, open project and lab space, a machine shop, assembly rm, dedicated project rooms and warehouse.

Electronics soldering stations, electronics test equipment, including oscilloscope, multimeters.


Optical Toolset

Materials microscopes, Absorbance plate reader, Thermal imaging camera, Optical breadboard table, High sensitivity cameras, and Avantes high sensitivity fiber optic spectrometer.

Our Machine Shop

machine and software toolset

Two 3D printers, a Tormach 440 CNC, drill press, band saw, and other necessary tools and equipment for rapid prototyping.

We also have the software for designing electrical and mechanical systems and electronic manufacturing and test equipment for in-house assembly and QC: SolidWorks, Altium, Zemax, ImageJ,  IVD NOW™ and IVDµNOW™ embedded and Windows software.